Where it all began – A Brief History

Yvonne was born and reared in Dublin, Ireland and has had many angelic experiences for as long as she can remember.  She did not sleep much as a child as she was too scared to close her eyes. Vivid dreams and feelings filled her world even if she didn’t understand them. Luckily, Yvonne had the comfort of her cats and dogs. She has been touched by animals all her life and has great affinity and respect for them.

Yvonne’s mother, Brigid O’Brien is well known in her local community as a psychic medium and her mother before her, Mary O’Brien was also very intuitive. Yvonne credits her mother for introducing her to a place of worship as an infant and for allowing her to accompany her at age 7 to see Pope John Paul II when he visited Ireland. As a result, she feels comfort, peace and a sense of oneness from holy places and associates it with a sense of the beyond. Yvonne was deeply touched by the passing of a childhood friend at age 13 and carries her beautiful spirit with her to this day. During her teenage years, she had many psychic readings, some good and some not so. She continues to thank her mother for bringing her up in an environment where spirit was always welcome! She is also very grateful to her grandmother (who she thought didn’t like her) for visiting and guiding her regularly during a tough period in 1997.

Yvonne has one younger brother and sister, both of which acknowledge their dreams but have chosen a different career path. Her family still lives in Ireland today. Although, Yvonne left Ireland in 1990 to attend college in the United Kingdom. In 1994, Yvonne worked for a short period in Switzerland. Then returned to Ireland for a year or so until her move to Atlanta, Georgia, USA in 1996, where she still resides today. Ireland is never far from her heart though and she returns almost every year to visit family and friends and to reconnect spiritually.

Yvonne is an avid believer in all things spiritual for uplifting both the spirit and the soul. This includes restless spirits, Irish Fairy Rings, the Irish Banshee and many other Irish legends. Mother Mary is of particular importance to her. Her family and herself pray regularly to Saint Therese of Lisieux “the little flower” and Saint Francis of Assisi “for the animals”.

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